Feature Work: The flip-books “Another Forest"

Feature Work: mono-site / motoshi chikamori ++ kyoko kunoh

Feature Work: A Tale of Stray Kittens

Feature Work: tool's life

Les Parfums Japonais
plaplax join the exhibition and exhibits works.
period: Nov.2,2016 - Dec.25,2016
venues: SHISEIDO GALLERY(Tokyo, Japan)
http://20anniv.j-mediaarts.jp/ http://www.shiseidogroup.jp/gallery/exhibition/index.html

"The Power of Culture"
period: Oct. 18,2016 - Dec. 4,2016
venues: Panasonic Center TOKYO (Tokyo, Japan)

plaplax made a segment for tv program "Design Ah".
on air schedule: NHK Kyoiku
Sat. 7:00-7:15

"Panasonic Risupia Vietnam"
plaplax was responsible for planning and art Direction of the video production of the entrance area.
venues: Panasonic Risupia Vietnam